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Happy Holidays from the River Run Team

Happy Holidays!

What a year it has been! 2020 has been full of construction challenges, commercial conversion roadblocks, operational challenges related to COVID, and of course our industry’s ability to work and function has been affected so much by the virus. We have been so thankful to have worked with such amazing clients this year despite the extensive list of obstacles the event industry is currently doing its best to navigate. Reflecting back, we are so proud of how much we have grown as a new business this year. We’ve learned so much, even after 2.5 decades in the industry! The team at River Run is looking forward to a bright future in 2021 and beyond!

Photography Credit: Jennie Wood Photography

Santa helped us host two Safe Sundays of Photo sessions! We were very fortunate to spread some holiday cheer to families in our area. Children were able to meet Santa, spend some quality time talking with him while our professional photographer took some amazing holiday memories, and some children even had a private tea party with Santa! Magic was truly in the air this Christmas for the private experience while avoiding the lines and waiting in big crowds. The parents begged us to make sure the Easter Bunny visits us this spring and Santa comes back next year! We will do our best.

Photography Credit: Jennie Wood Photography

We have been busy like always making improvements to the property. We’ve started the project of adding an additional shaded ceremony location and will send pictures once that is completed before spring. We have been restoring the antique hardwood floors throughout the house. We’ve completed the work of refinishing the floors throughout quite a few rooms of the property. We’ve been implementing new safety features throughout the house and will update you more on that in our next newsletter! In the name of safety, our Tuscan Ballroom ceiling has been demo’d and there is now in a construction dumpster outside. We are taking the opportunity to run SO many lighting enhancements for our couples in that space to brighten it up. We’ve done so with a lot of collaboration with our event lighting vendor and look forward to seeing the finished product when that is complete.

Another major improvement this month was the sign at the front entrance of the property! Check out the photos to see what the original looked like, our new sign, and finally our freshly completed sign! We’ve been working so hard on improvements and been doing our absolute best to make this the most enchanting venue for all of our guests here for decades to come.

We are still open for bookings for holiday dinners in the dining room as well as photoshoots for Christmas cards and family sessions. Please connect with us if we can help you all have an even more magical holiday season!

Photography Credit: Jennie Wood Photography There are some exciting multi-day rentals happening here at the Estate in January – we can’t wait to let you know who that is as soon as the cat is out of the bag! Please give us a follow on social media to stay up to date with all that is happening here!

We wish you and your loved one’s a safe holiday season. We all have so much to be grateful for. Happy Holidays, The Estate at River Run Team

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