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Springing Forward With Some Exciting Plans in the Works!

Updated: May 30, 2021



After a long, cold winter, the month of March is underway and we're celebrating Spring with a lot of big things happening around The Estate! We've partnered with The Lighting and Sound Company to host one of our first events of the year, Illuminate the Estate! Park your car when you arrive and enjoy the crisp spring air at your own pace as you walk the serene, riverfront grounds of The Estate at River Run and take in the beauty of the lights. This event is running for a limited time only so be sure to purchase your tickets using the "Learn More" button below!

Join us for an evening self-guided stroll through the grounds of The Estate at River Run- beautifully illuminated by The Lighting and Sound Company!

RSVP for one of these dates:

March 19 & 20- 6:00pm- 10:00pm March 21- 6:00pm- 9:00pm April 2 & 3- 6:00pm- 9:00pm 45 Minute Time Slots Learn More


On top of our Illuminate Event, construction and renovations have been zooming right along these past few weeks! Our awesome construction teams are hard at work power washing, painting, staining, and more! There seems to never be a shortage of work for the crews on-site! Our Tuscan Ballroom is SO CLOSE to being finished!!! We're working through some of the final steps before clean up and decorating can begin! Crews are working nearly every day of the week to get coats of paint up, wrap the wooden ceiling beams, and finish the lighting and electrical work. We can't wait to show off our new and improved Tuscan Ballroom in just a few short weeks!


In February, the film crew for the limited run television series filming at The Estate came out for a second time to prepare themselves for their next day of filming. We had all sorts of teams running around wrapping anything that could be damaged, moving furniture, and scouting the best locations to utilize for shots- no easy choice to make with all the picture perfect views at River Run! They'll be back to film their second round of shots in just a few short weeks. We can't wait to share more with you about the show!


And now onto our Soapbox….Finally, we have some updates on the Virginia events industry, because fighting for the right to work has been consuming an ENORMOUS amount of time. It's been AN ENTIRE YEAR since we first began cancelling and rescheduling weddings for our clients due to COVID. We are SO ready to get back to work as are many of the other wedding and event vendors in Virginia! We've been working hard towards a safe re-opening of events with our vendor friends from across the Commonwealth, and have even been featured in a few news stories recently pleading our case and hoping to raise awareness in the State Capitol about how we’ve been unable to host events due to restrictions on gatherings.

NBC12 came out to River Run a couple of weeks ago to discuss our industry remaining closed (gathering maximum of only 10 individuals inside) under the new executive orders. While restaurants, entertainment venues, concert halls, and even overnight summer camps are experiencing significantly loosened restrictions, "social gatherings" such as weddings are being forced to remain closed with no financial relief in sight for any of the small business owners in the events community. Read the Article

We also had the opportunity to speak with a reporter from ABC8 News in late February. A group of event professionals shared how business owners in our industry have been left out of funding and relief programs. The Shuttered Venues Grant, passed by Congress, and signed by the President in December, offers relief only to those venues who host ticketed events, and has recently been opened up to also include performers. This federally funded package unfortunately only covers 8% of our industry, so we are hoping our elected representatives will continue to hear from their constituents about how the need to reconsider identifying our sector of the industry as the same Read the Article

This past week, we were lucky enough to host vendors from around the State for a journalism-style film at River Run. Vendors came from Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, Hampton Roads, and Richmond Region, to share their stories in an effort to raise awareness of what is happening in the event industry. We loved coming together with old friends and new, to bring attention to the situation we are in. If you feel so inclined please sign the petition that an industry friend of ours started. It was started about a month ago to garner support for our safe reopening of Events in Virginia. It is now at nearly 14,000 signatures!! Feel free to share on your social media if you’d like. :)


We will keep fighting the good fight to support our industry, and hopefully get all of us back to hosting events very soon. If you have any friends that you could share the lighting event with we would love for you to do that to help keep that gang working until indoor events are possible again. We know this was a long update - we’ve been BUSY! Thanks for sticking with us and we hope to see you out here for Illuminate the Estate opening this weekend and then running again the Friday & Saturday of Easter weekend! Please tell your friends!


2421 River Rd W, Maidens, VA 23102, USA 804.887.0171 Share on social Check out our website

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