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The Estate at River Run- Richmond Weddings Show 2020

Updated: Feb 10, 2021


We missed seeing you so much last weekend at the Richmond Weddings Expo. All of our boxes of décor, business cards, clipboards, signs, pictures, and all are all still packed up -- from waiting to be loaded to see you at the show!

In the midst of this unprecedented time, we are so grateful to be part of a wedding community who has banded together to help current couples move their dates successfully, and we've all had quite the week around here.

During this chaos we know it's unsafe for you to be touring populated venues, but The Estate at River Run is completely private! If you are considering an estate property for your event we'd love for you to inquire on our website so that we can tell you more!!

We offer so many beautiful views, incredible architectural features, and so much hospitality - we are the perfect place to celebrate the most incredible day of your life! Our team is looking forward to answering your questions and trying to help you find the perfect property!

Hope to meet you soon,

Kim & The Estate at River Run team

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