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Weekly Rundown

Updated: May 30, 2021

Weekly Rundown

Springtime Happenings

Bill Gilliam


Spring has barely started, and we are already incredibly busy here at the Estate at River Run. We have hosted some small wedding celebrations and numerous fashion shoots, welcomed the public to an amazing outdoor lights show, and seen the completion of a major renovation in our Tuscan Ballroom. In addition, we had a TV crew shooting scenes for a show that will air on Hulu in 2022. We continue to be encouraged by the number of inquiries we are getting from potential corporate and private event clients...and spring is just getting started! If you have not already visited the Estate at River Run, I hope you will contact me and schedule a time to come see this magnificent venue for yourself. Hint: if you schedule your visit for the late afternoon, we can enjoy a cocktail as we take in the sunset over the James River. It's a beautiful view from the terrace!

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